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Opening Cutscene Part 2

Destroying the flagship 


My headcanon is that Christmas Island, Sonic’s birth place, is an island where it snows all year, and that that’s the reason why it always makes Sonic sentimental to see snow. We know pretty much nothing about his childhood, so I like to imagine things like that… Maybe he barely has any memory of those early years in his life, but still remembers the beautiful white snow and the cold air - and every time it snows he can feel his heart beginning to feel warm. It makes him feel at home.

Oh hey I just realised something

Happy birthday Lost World :D


Oh, Hey amy by Kajitanii


In my school agenda… Sonic Boom moment (x)


The SonicMerchandise US store has announced some new festive items, to be released November 7!


Everything I love about Shadouge (and Team Dark as a whole) is right here.

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ok ok you may have already gotten an ask about this but do you have any advice on how to beat the Tornado Defense levels in Sonic Unleashed? I'm really really bad at them...

The main tip isn’t really anything I came up with, but others suggested pausing when lots of enemies come up so have longer to memorise the buttons you need to press. It’s a little bit cheaty but it helped me a lot :>

It helps for Eggmanland too, since a lot of the tricks there will kill you if you get it wrong or run out of time.


I may have just stumbled onto hedgecanons and spammed the everloving crap out of them with a fuckton of my headcanons. Oops. Hope I haven’t wound up annoying the owner XD;; I ONLY SUBMITTED A FRACTION TOO omg I think too much fuhhh

Sssh don’t worry about it, mass-submitting is totally fine and I’ll cope with it :D

I spent all day yesterday working on headcanon images so I could actually have some free time to draw today and it’s nearly 7pm and I have done absolutely nothing