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You've talked about what you think Sonic would be like if he was in love, and I think Shadow to some extent as well. What about Silver?


Silver would be awkward and somewhat dorky in romance I think, tripping over his lines.


why does sonic have to go fast

did he leave the stove on?

is his wife in labor?

does he need to use the restroom?

i need to know

speedbluehedgie replied to your post: I wish I could upload a video or audio…

which episode is this?

Episode 48! But it continues on from episode 47’s story so it’ll probably make more sense if you watch that first.

I wish I could upload a video or audio clip of this part because Sonic gives the tiniest, most pathetic “no…” I’ve ever heard in my life just before his head hits the water

and it is adorable

Sonic has that look on his face that says “I can’t use that excuse, can I”



Uh? by DiachanX

I love this and need more.


i love these guys SO MUCH you dont understand so here’s a doodle

aww best team best friends

Here have a not-so-cute roogie

The continuing adventures of Everyone Being A Git To Knuckles

Here have a cute roogie