I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started making text posts today and just deleted everything thinking to myself ‘no just shut up’

ugghhh I hate feeling negative at the end of the day I will try and be positive and productive and all that tomorrow

g’night friends

I tried to clear out my inbox because I keep feeling down about taking so long on stuff I owe and not replying to people but I couldn’t clear it because there are too many cute messages that I left in there for me to look back on

but I’m conflicted because they made me smile but now I feel bad for not replying to those too…

too many dumb feelings today ugh


Deviantart post- Link here!

Character sheet for Fluffy!

I’ll add the info about her in the description later  u v u


When I draw them together like this, Amy looks really small… (’ - ’ ;

Anyway! Taking a break from my recently non-stop internship works, I replayed SADX again on my PC. I usually play with Japanese voice and English subtitle—partially because I couldn’t read most of the kanji… and because it’s fun to compare the dubs :)

When I was messing around with the character select scene, I noticed slight differences between the English and Japanese lines of the Character Instructions menu. Maybe other people has pointed out these differences, but I feel like writing this because… it’s a fun thing to do!

Don’t worry, the fanart above will make sense eventually.

(beware, long post ahead)

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Chapter 2 of the promotional Sonic Unleashed manga, page 9.



Walmart. What a time to be alive.

Very Sonic, wow, so cool, such speed, blaze it, chillin’ all max, much kickin’.


Pokemon Spooky Party merch line up announced!

Release date is September 6th in all Pokemon Centers in Japan.

So much cute stuff!


This is the best Sonic game and you can’t tell me different


By 「びお


*thinks about fave character* *SMILES REALLY HUGE AND COVERS FACE*

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